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Our company performs work on the design of security systems (video surveillance, security alarm, access control, time management, etc.). at the request of the customer, it is possible to conduct a comprehensive survey of the enterprise, organization, shopping center, warehouse or other object for the issuance of proposals for the most effective construction and placement of security systems.

Based on surveys conducted by experienced engineers, we offer the customer optimal solutions that take into account all aspects of the required level of safety. For the final choice, we can offer several solutions for the design of security systems, different in cost and efficiency.


Experienced design engineers in a team with engineers of the Department of service and installation on modern equipment create security system projects for large enterprises with a staff of 1000 people or more, as well as for small organizations that employ several dozen employees.

After completing the design of the security system, it is possible to organize author's supervision during the entire process of installation and commissioning of the system.

Design of security systems is the most important stage in creating a protective barrier for a security object. During the development process, all factors that affect performance are taken into account, concepts and critical areas are changed, and priority tasks are defined. A professional project is the key to reliable and efficient operation of any security system.

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