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Any enterprise starts its development path from the very first step. And this path is impossible to imagine without interaction with other companies.


Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience and proven our high skills in the design, installation and maintenance of security systems. Our specialists constantly monitor all innovations in this field. This is why we offer our clients only the best and most reliable solutions.


Thanks to our own formula of success and a competent approach to the process of creating security systems, we cooperate with the world's largest companies that carry out their business activities in various economic spheres of our country and abroad.


Компания "Глобус" является крупнейшей международной розничной сетью гипермаркетов. Магазины сети широко представлены в Центральном Федеральном округе, в частности, Московском регионе. Ассортиментный перечень товаров достигает нескольких десятков тысяч позиций, около 1500 из них производящихся под собственной торговой маркой. 

Мы сотрудничаем с компанией "Глобус" уже более 10 лет. Проведены работы по модернизации существующих объектов, установлены системы в новых гипермаркетах сети, параллельно с этим в стадии разработки находится ряд проектов. Наши инженеры проводят регулярное техническое обслуживание магазинов компании "Глобус".



Globus is the largest international retail chain of hypermarkets. The chain's stores are widely represented in the Central Federal district, particularly in the Moscow region. The assortment list of products reaches several tens of thousands of items, about 1500 of them are produced under their own brand.

We have been working with Globus for more than 10 years. Work has been carried out to modernize existing facilities, systems have been installed in new hypermarkets in the network, and a number of projects are currently under development. Our engineers carry out regular maintenance of Globus stores.



PepsiCo is a multinational Corporation in the food industry. The company is a manufacturer of soft drinks and other food products. The company's production facilities are located in many countries of the world, including Russia.​

Close long-term cooperation with PepsiCo confirms the high level of professionalism and quality of work performed by our engineers. We carry out design, installation and maintenance of security systems at the company's facilities.


Auchan is a large French company that carries out various activities in different countries of the world. The areas in which the company operates are different: banking services, e-Commerce, real estate management, Hyper-and supermarkets, furniture sales.

​The main cooperation with Auchan company takes place within the framework of providing security systems for Hyper - and supermarkets of the chain. Video surveillance, security alarm systems and access control and accounting systems are the key points of data protection of objects.



The French company retailer. The company's activity is retail sale of household goods. The main concept is DIY (Do It Yourself), that is, the buyer can use the purchased goods independently for decoration, in internal or external decoration, on the territory of the garden or vegetable garden.

Our company supplies security systems equipment, provides installation and maintenance at the sites of the Leroy Merlin chain of stores. Joint projects are being developed to modernize and introduce new technical solutions in the field of secur


The largest retail chain in the world. IKEA is a trade and production group of companies. The range of network numbers in the tens of thousands of items ranging from small components fasteners to furniture sets. The main convenience for the buyer is the ability to purchase various home goods in one place. An undeniable plus is the ability to deliver goods to your home and by mail.

Security is an integral part of the overall network process. The installed systems allow to prevent emergency situations, guarantee the safety of visitors, and control the work of the staff.



The German company OBI. International chain of building materials and household goods stores. The company is represented in 13 countries.

The main activity of the company is the sale of goods for home and construction (DIY format - "do it yourself"). A wide range of products in stock, convenient forms of payment, delivery-all this allows you to make purchases in one place for further use in decoration or decoration.

Security systems of the retail network meet all modern requirements. Ongoing maintenance keeps them in stable working condition.

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