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A particularly important place in the company's activities is the provision of service maintenance of installed equipment, since the entire range of security measures ultimately depends on maintaining the system in working condition. Our operators accept service requests within 24 hours. We guarantee the immediate arrival of our specialists in case of emergency situations and their solution within a few hours. Installed systems are quite serious equipment that requires high qualification of service personnel. Our engineers have been trained in authorized service centers of Supplier companies in the Russian Federation and have practical skills in working with this equipment.


  • All standard terms and conditions, rights and obligations of the parties when performing service maintenance are fixed in the service maintenance agreement.

  • The equipment being serviced may include security and fire alarms, video surveillance systems, warning systems, access control systems, video intercom systems and gate drives, gates, and barriers. We have experience in servicing equipment from almost any Manufacturer.

  • As part of scheduled maintenance, our specialists usually carry out a full range of preventive and routine maintenance on fixed equipment at least once a month, with the provision of a report on the work to the Customer.

  • We are ready to offer our customer service response options in the event of a fault within 4, 24 or 72 hours of receiving the service request. In addition, for the maintenance of large and complex complex systems, it is possible to allocate our service engineer for permanent maintenance from 9.00 to 18.00 on working days, as well as with arrival within 24 hours on weekends. If necessary, additional engineers of our company with the required specialization are engaged to solve emergency situations based on additional requests.

  • If our company installs new equipment, it is covered by the Manufacturer's warranty for a period of 1 year. After the installation works are completed, a system maintenance Contract is concluded with an additional guarantee for the equipment installed by us for up to 7 years.

  • In the case of maintenance services for equipment installed by other companies, or in the absence of a warranty, the cost of spare parts or other equipment that requires replacement (if it is impossible to repair) is charged to a separate account. All work on replacement of faulty equipment is performed free of charge.

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