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Currently, almost every commercial or industrial facility is equipped with security systems. During operation, the equipment wears out and requires certain changes. In the field of security, innovative technologies that meet modern requirements are constantly emerging. Therefore, if there is a need, each Manager of any type of facility can improve the installed protective line.

EAGLE TECHNOLOGIES specialists will conduct a comprehensive survey of Your facility and identify unprotected places in the security system, as well as develop recommendations to eliminate shortcomings and improve its level.

Measures that we apply during the audit:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the security system.

  • Suggestions for optimizing the security system.

Analysis of the current state of security systems of objects (buildings, offices, trade enterprises of various formats, warehouses, etc.), including their fire and technical inspection, followed by the preparation of conclusions and proposals for equipping them with technical means of protection.

Conducting a technical audit of the state of security systems previously installed by other companies, with their subsequent restoration and maintenance.

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